• Build a mailing list and create an audience for each campaign.
  • Segmentation of your business contacts by geography and other factors.
  • Design email content using Content Studio, using pre-designed templates or quickly create from scratch.
  • Plan / Schedule and send an email campaign.
  • Analyze Campaign Reports, using statistics to learn about audience behavior and improve email open-rates.
  • Integrated with the sales and lead module to automatically generate lists from your current business contacts.

Content Studio

  • Save time with the easy-to-use interface and drag-drop features
  • Create professional templates and categorize them like Emails, Quotes, Proposals, Invoices and Receipts etc.
  • Drag Drop of keys from your business data allowing end users to generate dynamic collateral and templates.
  • Capability to define dynamic grids by dropping array type keys in the template
  • Export content as PDF/html/doc files, take print or snippet
  • All Basic Rich Text Editor capabilities like indentation, alignments, capability to quote content, etc.
  • Brings all standard font formats along with emojis, hyperlinks, dynamic tables and special characters in Appian

Website analytics

  • Check site traffic and analyze web presence.
  • Manage multiple sites or accounts on one dashboard
  • All Website Analytics reports on your dashboard like Visitors by location or browser, Traffic Sources, Search Engine keywords, Social Interactions, Average Page Load Times and Sessions.

Social Media Management

  • Link multiple Social Media Accounts and configure pages to easily manage feeds from one single dashboard.
  • With very simple user interface, create posts on Twitter. *Configure BOT to use Amazon's Comprehend for understanding incoming feeds and automatically take relevant actions (like creation of Leads, negative review management for branding, task assignment, etc.)

Built With

  • appcino's-guru
  • appian
  • mysql
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