For years I watched my friend dream of graduating from a prestigious college. He did everything right. He filled out his applications on time, studied hard, and eventually got accepted. At the last second, and despite her hard work, the school gave the seat to a man who’s father had bribed the institution’s board. The damage done by corruption has mounted over the years. Increased rates of organized crime across the world pose a risk to humanity and the environment.

What it does

Through this project, I aimed at creating a simple yet powerful website which will provide information regarding various anti-corruption laws in different countries. I have also added direct links for reporting corruption in different countries. Along with that, I have also given blog facility so that people can write blogs about corruption and make other people aware about it.

How we built it

I have added the following features to my website to make people aware about corruption: • News: I added a news tab which will provide live news to users, related to corruption, happening all over the world. • Laws: I have added anti-corruption laws of different countries in my website, so that users can read those and become aware about various anti-corruption laws in their country. • Report corruption: I have added ‘report corruption’ direct links for over 25 countries, so that user don’t have to search over the internet for those websites. With a single click user can get the information about their nearest anti-corruption center. • Blogs: To make the people aware about anti-corruption, I have also given blog facility where registered users can write blogs about anti-corruption/corruption and share their thoughts and ideas with others.

Challenges we ran into

It is unavoidable to run into some challenges/problems while working on a project and we did ran into quite a few of them. On the front end side, we broke the the mobile functionality multiple times which had to be fixed. Another challenge was to stack the image and paragraphs in a specific order in mobile view. While solving this issue we learned the concept of order in the Bootstrap Grid system. We also faced a problem with the date input's default placeholder text. We wanted to hide the default text. We googled a lot and finally found a solution on StackOverflow. Talking about the back end, due to lack of experience, we faced difficulty in the implementation of OAuth, which we solved using the documentation and of course our good old friend StackOverflow helped us a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to complete the project in 24hrs. We are also proud that we created something that can be used by the community to gain and spread awareness.

What we learned

We learnt many new technologies and polished our existing skills. We learnt many new concepts of responsive design like dynamic padding, bootstrap grid system, bootstrap cards etc. We learnt the use of media queries for custom responsive styling. Our JavaScript knowledge also widened a lot by means of this project. Apart from the technical skills, we also got to know about many anti-corruption laws in different countries and learnt a lot about how one can report corruption.

What's next for Anti Corruption

We plan to collaborate with government bodies to make it a more robust system, that can be used for social good.

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