Inspiration: Spirituality, Musicians-Singers/Dancers, Many types of Arts/ Performing Arts & Artists (creators, inventors), Authors, Explorers, New/Old Discoveries, Contemporary Smooth Jazz, (Rick James/ Tina Marie),

but the World / Climate Change concerns me, Deeply.

What it does: My Book / Music is to Teach, Encourage, Heal, Bless, and to bring Joy & Happiness, wherever a person is in he/ her Life; and wherever he/ she may be in their Mental, Physical, Spiritual- State of Mind, etc...

(example: Church, School, Library, in the Street or at Home, Poor, Middle Class, Rich, Wealthy, etc...

How I built it: I listened what's in my Heart to write, and I listened to People Talk, and I listened to Words in Church, and on the Streets, certain things I heard from others, or books or sentences I've read, even from Biblical Material- they all gave me thoughts of which I pondered and took what would help me through my Life, to help to understand who I am, why I went through so many trials/ tribulations, and how to find Peace, Prosperity & Joy/ Happiness, etc.. How to have a good Life, etc...

Challenges I ran into: Monetary Funds had always been a Issue; I didn't have the Proper Resources; Lacked Information & Finances. I practically had to rewrite the whole book all over again, due me needing to copy my manuscript- went to a Library, using their copy machine to upload my data on my Flash Drive and it had my Words/ Lyrics all Scrabbled up and erased Songs, and pages. I was a mess; it was like some Odd Force had been trying to stop me from completing my Book. It took me 8 years to complete my Book and to get it published.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Many outstanding Performance Awards- US Army / Indiana Nation Guards. ( I don't have any proof of it anymore, due, past of not being stable, etc... I've got some College and have a gift to learn foreign languages.

What I learned: That the Power is within ourselves, we have to find a Way, to tap into our inner self and find out how to become the Winner that many of us has always believed we are. The key is to follow your heart; Never Give Up !

What's next for Anointed Fire LLC: Hoping to do real studio recordings, and find those who may see my vision and assist me Financially, or Music wise, or etc... with this VERY IMPORTANT MISSION. And then hopefully I can publish more Books, etc... I've Got a Lot of Potential.

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posted an update

A publishing Scout (Jeff Ross of Green Sage Agency), took an interest at my Book. telling me about how they can help me to promote my book, etc... but I want to learn more about the company due such a high rate of Scammers that has increased on the world wide web.

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