Inspiration: I've always want to be an Author

What it does: For most all ages, to help encourage Creativity

How I built it: I began to write Songs/ Lyrics- seriously about 9 years ago, I've written poetry since I was a Child.

Challenges I ran into: Life Interruptions/ Set Backs/ Hardships/ Homelessness/ Insufficient Monetary Funds/ Lacked many Resources, such as Education, Curricular Activities, etc...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Military/ Author/ World Songwriter/ Singer/ Musician/ Composer/ Foreign Travel/ Travel/ Lived in different parts of U.S./ Met Famous People- Celebrities/ Biblical Scholar/ Some College/ Studied Customs- Cultures of other Ethnic Groups/ Study Foreign Languages.

What I learned: Out of all, Learned about my Creator, Keep Learning, Follow Heart, Follow my Dreams/ Goal/s: Listen or get Ideas from those who Specialize in certain Fields. Wisdom is all around me. But biggest of it all is:

To Keep Smiling and Uplifting Others, and To Never Give Up.

What's next for Anointed Fire LLC: It's already on Amazon/ Barnes & Noble/ Lulu Publishing/ E-Bay. I have a website, It's not the best website, I'd like to improve it. I'd like to have better Sound Stage Equipment; I'd like to have a new Professional Electric Keyboard Piano, Guitar, Drums, and to make Great Video Performances, and learn more about Video Editing, etc... Perhaps do Professional Studio Recordings/ Live Performances. To put more of my Music online. I work with DistroKid, of which distributes my music to online stores, such as Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, etc...

Built With

  • chords
  • creativewriting
  • educational
  • entertainment
  • fascinating
  • healing
  • ideas
  • joyful
  • lyrics
  • piano
  • poetry
  • songbook
  • talentgrabber
  • trending
  • video
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posted an update

Right now at the present, I'm working on about 10 Songs to place on You Tube videos. The Music shall be hopefully continue to be distributed by DistroKid, of which has put my music out into the world. Thank You All for your Time and Interests, safe and have great days.

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