Children are not motivated to throw their own litter away. Finding a more efficient way of knowing the rubbish level in the bin.

What it does

Whenever, someone steps on the foot pedal to open the dustbin, the lights on the led will start to blink to the tune which will be played by a buzzer. This is to encourage children to throw their litter into the bins. At the same time, the amount of trash in the bin will be automatically detected and printed it out on a lcd display in terms of low, medium and high.

How we built it

The sensor we use is a ultrasonic sensor which will help detect the amount of trash that is left in the bin. The ultrasonic sensor emits sounds wave which will travel and bounces back when it hits an object/wall. The timing of the sound wave traveled through and from will determine the distance between the sensor and the object/wall. If the distance is getting lower and lower it will determine that the trash in the bin is almost full, while if the distance is still high, it will determine that the trash in the bin is still empty or low in trash.

Another sensor we use is a touch sensor, which will act as a trigger, such that when the touch sensor is being touch it will automatically trigger a buzzer which will buzz to the tune of the star wars imperial march and the led lights will blink to the beat of the tune. which will be entertaining and attractive to the children when they throw their rubbish into the bin.

Challenges we ran into

The coding of the tune for the buzzer cannot be easily found, we have to go through a series of try and errors when coding the function as we have to calibrate the beat of the tune into coding terms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We end up being able to tune the buzzer to buzz a short verse of the theme song from star wars named the imperial march.

What we learned

We learn to calibrate and modify the code for the buzzer for it to play a tune as accurately as possible to the imperial march theme.

What's next for annoyingly smart dustbin

Sending the data of the capacity in which the rate of rubbish generated to the cloud. The data generated from the ultrasonic sensor in the bin can be use to notify the cleaners of any surrounding bins that are nearly full.

Built With

  • aftershock-pc
  • buzzer
  • c
  • computer
  • grove
  • lcd
  • led
  • lenovo-pc
  • linkit
  • micro-usb-cable
  • sensors
  • touch-sensor
  • ultrasonic-sensor
  • windows-10
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