• we were inspired by the states of consciousness and wanted to work with AR.
  • given the situations under covid, there are emotional needs for team-bonding or just personal entertainment
  • encourage players to explore the concept of self through a journey from conscious to unconscious and to accept and affirm self-identity (given low-self-esteem and self-negation is common among all-aged groups)
  • Mulan (Disney character with a symbolization of femininity), is the Chinese translation of Magnolia(key clue in the game) - also fit into AthenaHacks’ ideology

What it does

  • users need to solve puzzles to escape the rooms

How we built it

  • We use HTML/JS/CSS, Firebase, EchoAR, Github, and embedded audio and videos to provide the best experience for an online escape room that multiple users can play together.

Challenges we ran into

  • mostly beginner hackers, lots of things to learn
  • had to simplify some of the features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • interesting story-based game
  • funny puzzles to solve with friends
  • interactive and fancy user experience

What we learned

  • Learn key skills in web-based app development
  • Explore stages and states of the human mind
  • Creative storyline building and brainstorming
  • successful attempts in incorporating AR elements into a web app to improve user experience
  • teamwork!

What's next for Animo

  • try to explore more interesting series and apply more new technologies in it

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