There are just too much passwords to remember in this digital era. Not all accounts are important and hence not frequently used. It is virtually impossible to remember all passwords especially if they are not important/not frequently use.

Currently for us who: -Use the same passwords throughout all accounts, your important accounts are at risk (bank account); or -Jot it in a book and you have to carry it with you all the time; or -Write it in a slip of paper and you risk losing it; or -Store it as a soft copy in your phone and waste time organising and updating new passwords.

MOM: NIP allows you to: Create a variety of passwords while ensuring you do not lose track of it. Place it in your phone which you would carry around anyway. Provides interfaces which allow you to organise and find your passwords with ease.

MOM: Not Important Password (NIP) is a simple app that makes storing/finding/updating your passwords a breeze.

Though the app is free and not for profit, the developers are dedicated and have/will continuously launch new patches to improve your experience.

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