The Covid19 times had seen lockdown implemented in many regions. The motivation of the study was to see how the air quality is impacted post Covid19 times with several countries imposing strict lockdown policies. Can this be a future strategy to implement a cleaner climate ??

What it does

It shows the live air quality from different locations and analyses of the data we have from the last few years. The result shows the cities which improved and which didn't.

How we built it

The application is running on python flask hosted on AWS BeanStalk, the datasets are retrieved from , the maps on the webpage are generated using google maps api and leaflet.js and other databases are from rds.

Challenges we ran into

Insufficient datasets for our projects. It was critical for us to find the best dataset which would help us to finish the project as we wanted. We found many free dataset providers on AWS Data Exchange but most of them did not satisfy our requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully completed an analysis of the air quality in various cities across the world.

What we learned

Data Analysis on Open Datasets, Building an application on python flask, Deployment on AWS, Front-end Design, Usage of multiple API's in the project.

What's next for Analysis of Air Quality post Covid-19

We will be conducting more analysis retrieving different pollutants contributing to the air quality and adding more cities in the future.

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