Our inspiration came after the Football World Cup in France (2019). At that moment we realized that women had conquered a prominent place in football. Our project offers specialized training in soccer practice for young girls from places far from urban centers.

What it does

The project is divided into four stages. The first step is the involvement of young girls in soccer practice. The second stage is being filmed and digitized. The third phase will be for the distribution of games throughout Brazil, in real time. And the fourth phase will be for the translation into several languages and distribution around the world, via web page and app created for that. We are still in the first phase of the project.

How we built it

The project was built thinking of providing opportunities for young girls who would like to enter the world of football sports, but because they do not have financial conditions or specialized technical support, they would hardly be able to enter this world of football.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to find someone who wanted to financially support our project. As this is an innovative proposal for a community that has always been used to rural traditions, many people and companies were not interested in the project. In rural communities in Brazil, information technology already exists, but people still don't have much access.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the beginning of the project in the year 2020, we have already managed to win over 22 young girls to receive initial instructions on how to practice football. But in this year of 2021, we need to stop the project due to the pandemic.

What we learned

We are learning that among young girls who live in places far from urban centers there are real talents for playing soccer. And that can be used in professional teams in big cities. And that they can change their lives with more quality and a promising future.

What's next for Amateur Women´s Soccer

We believe that after the month of August we will be able to restart training activities. We plan to arrange friendly matches between our women's football team and other teams. And knowing that the project has already transformed the lives of 22 young girls, we want to expand the project to receive 22 more girls (each six months). And we intend to apply the project in more than 100 cities each year. But we need financial support for that.

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