We started with converting the binary to string getting a set of JSON requests URLs We fetched these URLs and got returned some values With the extra number provided along with the URL, we returned a single letter from the JSON return, indexed by the number We concatenated these characters (mostly numbers and underscores) to get a list of GPS coordinates separated by underscores. These GPS coordinates corresponded to the all the Winter Olympics Venues starting from Mont Blanc!

So we decided to estimate the number of attendees of the Winter Olympics this year!

South Korea had 750,000 seats available - 20.5% were sold Rest of the world had 350,000 seats available - 59% were sold

Sum of these - 346,000 seats sold plus 3000 participants

Total attendees - 349,000 people!!

This flow was implemented in Python and Alteryx in parallel.

I have attached the python code!

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