Inspiration and what it does

How many times have you entered a store couldn’t find someone to help you? Enter Alexa Shop Assist . Shopper: "Alexa, ask Shop Assist where can I find engine oil for my prius" Alexa: "Engine oil for Prius is in aisle 5"

Like a virtual assistant dotted across the store, Alexa remembers your past interactions with her using speaker recognition.

Shopper: "Alexa, ask Shop Assist which one I should buy" Alexa: "For a prius, you should get 0w-20 engine oil"

Alexa can seamlessly respond without you repeating yourself

How we built it

Our solution uses 2 AWS Lambda functions, speaker recognition, context switched response tree. This is all tied together through our iOS app, using the Alexa Skill Set and Alexa Voice Service

Challenges we ran into

Learning Alexa from scratch, setting up AWS Lambda functions, writing signal processing code for speaker recognition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything we have managed to build in a short amount of time

What's next for Alexa Shop Assist

*Custom HW platform that integrates voice, video and audio for a better shopping assistant *Additional ways to engage customers (checkout, suggestions, deals etc.) *Develop response tree using deep learning techniques *Improved speaker tracking

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