AlcWatch helps to control the intake of alcohol. The application informs on the time since the last consumption, drunkenness and the amount of alcohol consumed. It also helps in planning your sobriety for the next day/morning. It does not require an Internet connection, or sync with a phone, which allows for minimal battery consumption.


  • Enter your sex, alcohol resistance, weight and age to enjoy the functionality of AlcWatch.
  • Before drinking alcohol, move the screen to the left and select the closest alcohol that you have consumed. Click on the appropriate icon.
  • If you have consumed more than the standard, mark the intake several times.
  • If you've had a drink, mark the alcohol which it contains.
  • In the case of alcoholic drinks other than vodka, an appropriate icon will start the countdown. Click it when you have finished drinking.

Main screen:

  • The indicator in the upper left corner indicates the approximate amount of blood alcohol content.
  • Smiley faces at the bottom represent the approximate amount of your intoxication.
  • The numbers at the drink symbol indicate an amount of consumed alcohol. This value will be reset when the amount of blood alcohol go down to zero.
  • In the upper right corner you can find the time since the last consumption. If the numbers are red you should finish the intake until they will be white again.
  • Move the screen to the right - open menu


  • SOBER TIME - set the time, you want to be sober at.
  • SET COLORS – change color settings
  • BACKLIGHT ON/OFF – keep the backlight on or off
  • RESET ALC – reset current alcohol calculations
  • RESET PROFILE – reset your weight, sex, age, etc


  • When the application determines that you should complete the consumption of alcohol, it will inform you about this with a message: "YOUR LAST DRINK".
  • If you mark the consumption of alcohol before the suggested time, you will see the message: "DRINK RESPONSIBLY".
    • If you set a time for your planned/desired sobriety, at the time that you should stop consumption of alcohol/drinking at, you will see a notification saying "Stop drinking if you want to be sober at .."

Please note that due to the variety of medication, natural predispositions, type of diet, fatigue and other factors, the application is indicative. It should categorically not be used as a substitute for a breathalyzer before driving a car and other activities requiring sobriety.

Drink responsibly!



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