To solve a challenging problem and express our creativity while having the most fun at our first hackathon--BlairHacks!

What it does

AirMouse allows the human hand to act as a mouse through wearable technology read by computer vision.

How we built it

We created scripts in python to control the cursor of the computer by analyzing hand motions from wearable technology-- an Arduino controlled LED connected to the fingertip of a glove that was recognized by the laptop camera.

Challenges we ran into

Threading the mouse movement for smoother motion, running scripts simultaneously, wearable technology output not registering on the computer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a successful application of computer vision in our first hackathon! AirMouse was able to move the cursor and left click on the laptop the program was run on.

What we learned

How to cooperate as a team, communicate our point, program in python, use the terminal to control scripts.

What's next for AirMouse

Improving smooth movement, reading multiple finger gestures, utilizing RGB values, and creating an option for user-input customization.

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