Jam a beautiful song with Gear using Air Jam!

Connect your Gear with smartphone to perform the instrument music. 5 types of instrument are provided:

Guitar Ukulele Korean buk Maracas Tambourine

High quality sound effect is included.

Motion Gesture

We designed 3 types of motion gesture in Gear for playing the instrument music

  1. Beat
  2. Wrist Rotation
  3. Swipe

Air Jam senses the power of each gesture as well. Knowing how hard did you perform the gesture.

So each sound would be played in a slightly volume difference based on the power of your motion gesture. To make a loud song? Swipe faster. To make a soft song? Swipe slowly.

You can also tap on Gear to perform the instrument.

Music Jamming

Music recording & mixing are supported. You can record multiple channels of instrument music and mix them into a beautiful song.

Quick switching of instrument

To switch an instrument, simply scroll horizontally in your Gear.

Both hands supporting We support both hands to play the motion gesture. Remember to toggle the setting in app before you play.

Air Jam is fun to play and good to listen.

Start jamming your own song with Gear right now!

*This is a Gear integrated app, please connect the Gear with smartphone app in order to perform smoothly.

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