We were inspired by our own travels and experiences with airlines. Everyone who has ever traveled overseas or in an airplane has experienced a flight delay at least once. Passengers loose valuable time that you could be spending with your family after a long productive business trip or missing out on important information from your company because you are stuck waiting for your flight. The 30 to 60 minute wait for your flight is an agonizing process we desire to decimate for all passengers and flight attendants.

What it does

Air Infinity crafted an easy-access website application to display the cost and status of delayed flights. Unlike other flight websites, we measure the probability of delayed time. We do our best to keep users up-to-date with unexpected, unconventional timing.

How we built it

Our team members consists of front and back end developers who've worked diligently on the project. The front-end developers modeled the design of the website using HTML and JavaScript. They've worked to make the website application user-friendly and accessible. The back-end developer worked on the core of the website, including data statistics on the project's topic. The back-end was built using Google's Vertex AI and python.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into stem mainly from the time limit we were given to complete the project. Having needed to learn HTML in a little over 24 hours and needing to come up with a solution that is both new and unique added an extra challenge that we were eager to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As beginners, we've learned to code with an unfamiliar language in under a day. We applied our new knowledge to a functioning website application.

What we learned

We've learned how to develop front and back-end development using HTML.

What's next for Air Infinity

We plan to include features such as a nearby restaurant, transportation and activity search. They would show the open hours for the place of interest. Passengers and flight attendants can enjoy their time whilst waiting for their next flight.

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