The inspiration was always to learn new technology.

What it does

It is a voice assistant powered by The users can use a voice interface to ask the assistant very basic things like time and date to information about anything, play songs, personalized jokes, browser automation, COVID related data etc

How I built it

The main languages I used was javaScript and python. The UI was done in electron js and the backend with integration was done with python3. I used a library called Eel to connect my python code to js .

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I ran into was lack of time, so I could not add all the features that Il wished to include.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In spite of the lack of time and resources, I managed to complete the project

What I learned

I got to learn a very powerful tool for NLP related projects.

What's next for AI-Voice assistant

The next features that I like to include are complete home automation using my assistant

Built With

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