From the book Why we sleep by Matthew Walker. Research suggests sleep is the single most important factor for our health and longevity. Obviously this is a major societal problem and a huge market we can position our application in.

These risk factors have a major impact on our sleep quality while most people don't realize this.

Traditional sleep apps focus on movement/sound during sleep, while we focus on face recognition with artificial intelligence in combination with smart home sensors (CO2, light, noise, temperature, radar).

What it does

It recognizes the sleeping quality and freshness level by an picture that is taken by a smartphone app, sending this to an cloud based realtime database, combining the data with data from a smart home sensors and analyze the information by a python AI module. the result will be pushed back to the database and displayed by the smart phone app. The recommendation will be a suggestion to change habits, but also will suggest sleeping tools (寝具)and will display advertisement concerned to recommended sleeping tool. This will monetize our app. Also we open our API to other Hard- and Software manufacture.

How we built it

we had been using firebase cloud realtime database as our backend to collect all our data together from the smart phone app and several smart house sensors. Then we fetch the data with our Python program and do the AI evaluation, push the result back to firebase and fetch them from there to display a chart by our react-native app. The recommendations are displayed by our Smartphone app.

Challenges we ran into

  • to connect everything together
    • several hardware sensor units
    • database
    • Smartphone app
    • Rakten API`s
    • Ai-model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we had been learning building app`s from scratch within only 2 days :-)

What we learned

  • use serverless cloud services
  • make smartphone app`s
  • use rakuten Rapid API`s

What's next for Ai-Sleep(愛スリープ)

we wanna build up a working hardware prototype and start a kickstarter campaign to start a real business that improves peoples healthy sleep


API's: rakuten-api-text-sentiment-analysis-method rakuten-api-recipe-food-nutrition rakuten-api-Breezometer

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