According to the UN, Nearly 1/2 of all fruit & vegetables produced globally are wasted each year. With decreasing energy and resources across the planet, this project was made to promote better yield among farmers and better health among malnourished people and animals.

What it does

In the crop recommendation application, the user can provide the soil data from their side and the application will predict which crop should the user grow. Also as a sample, I have used an open weather API to automatically check the temperature, moisture, and humidity. Alt text For the fertilizer recommendation application, the user can input the soil data and the type of crop they are growing, and the application will predict what the soil lacks or has an excess of and will recommend improvements. Alt text

How we built it

✅ We build the Machine learning model using images. We have used various types of image processing and image segmentation algorithms to find the soil type from the image ✅ Website is built using a html, css, python, flask, Machine learning ✅ Build crop and fertilizer prediction model using flask and python ✅ Build disease perdition model using ML and image segmentation (random forest classifier) ✅ Integrated a google map for the nearest nursery

Challenges we ran into

While we were working on this project the limited availability of data sets was a big problem we faced. Build different ML model for different diseases detection was another huge problem . Deploying was a problem too...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The implementation of the entire project helped us realize the importance of collaboration and the dynamics of working in a team In every Hackathon, proper time management ⏰plays a crucial role that can become a determining factor for the overall progress; we understood the instrumentality of following the code of conduct ✨and treating fellow developers with respect while learning and improving through their feedback.

What we learned

We learnt about how to take Machine Learning to the next level by using it with front end and backend development to empower our project and make it usable for everyone around the world. The major takeaway was about how we can use our skillset and help the planet be a better place.

What's next for Agropro

We are also looking forward to bring this service to our mobile phones. And, if we could collaborate with botanists then we can take this project to the next level.

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