AgriWave: We're here to deliver a product that connects the agricultural and data digital world using core technologies in modeling and data analytics to enable a variety of consumers to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability. The agricultural industry is valued at $1.3 trillion USD annually, we can work to foster greater agricultural trade with the increase in population and demand for food to come.

What it does

AgriWave is a software to transform a broad range of industries such as agriculture and logistics to understand data thoroughly for an economic, efficient, and effective agricultural analyses.

We utilize FreeWave technologies in developing countries for the agricultural industries. Freewave can be used in developing countries to gather data on the big three crops: soybeans, corn, and wheat. We focus on irrigation water, electrical energy, dissolved salts, and soil reaction in growing these crops.

Irrigation is a vital component of agricultural production, particularly in developing countries. With food production increasing in response to the demands of an expanding population and rising prosperity, irrigated agriculture continues to consume and be the largest user of water in all regions of the world. Agriculture accounts for 93% of water consumption worldwide. The agriculture sector is often criticized for high wastage and inefficient use of water at the point of consumption encouraged by subsidized low charges for water use or low energy tariffs for pumping. We need to understand our water usage for economic, environmental, and ethical purposes.

Agriculture is an energy-intensive industry. Agriculture requires energy for important input in production, using energy directly as fuel or electricity to operate machinery and equipment, heat or cool buildings, for lighting on the farm, and indirectly in the fertilizers and chemicals produced off the farm. As farm production becomes more mechanized, the agricultural industry requires timenly energy supplies at particular stages of the production cycle to achieve optimum yields. We need to understand our electrical energy usage for maximum economic and environmental benefits.

Water used for irrigation can vary greatly in quality depending upon type and quantity of dissolved salts. These salts originate from dissolution or weathering of the rocks and soil and carried with the water to wherever it is used. Salt content increasing causes severe toxicity, restricting crop yield. We need to understand and evaluate water quality related to salinity, water infiltration rate, and toxicity for greatest economic gain.

Plants can tolerate a wide pH range in solution culture, but they cannot tolerate a wide range of acidity in the soil. Soil acidity is volatile and often changes, in turn changing the solubility of a number of metal ions. Plant growth is reliant on these varying concentrations of metals in solution rather than the acidity itself. The aim in managing soil pH is not to achieve a particular pH value, but to adjust the acidity to the point where there are no toxic metals in solution and the availability of nutrients is at its maximum. We need to understand the soil reaction and pH level for maximum economic gain.

The weight of crops are important not only to see the growth but also to detect unwanted objects. Being able to sense the weight of a part of crop field and seeing a spike in weight is a sign of potential trespassing and vandalism, an all too common issue in the agricultural industry. We need to see the weight of crops not only for economic gain but for vandalism purposes as well to ensure security and safety of the agricultural industry.

How I built it

With a lot of help from caffeine, we used Laravel's PHP framework to build a full stack web application that can analyze and display hypothetical data from developing country farmland potentially using FreeWave radios. We used n3 charts to create a consumer friendly data analysis page where one can see varying farm data to keep track and understand what exactly is going on.

Challenges I ran into

For half of our team, this was our first Hackathon and we had no idea what to expect. We spent the first few hours going through many different ideas and getting overwhelmed with everything. Laravel, the main component of our project, was also completely new to most of us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are super excited to be able to apply our learned academic skills in addition to those we just learned on the spot today for real life applications in the world's largest industry.

What I learned

In general, the whole concept of a Hackathon was new to us, and we learned how the entire process works. Throughout our project creation process, we started from step one where we went through several ideas and learned how to rule out projects and create outlines quickly due to the time restriction. We also learned how to apply our knowledge to a real, global world problems to create positive impact in our communities.

What's next for AgriWave: Transforming the Agricultural and Data World

We want to be able to gather actual agricultural data from FreeWave. We would like to incorporate Alexa for easy user experience such that anyone can easily access farm data. Alexa could read out trends and peak information to the user. We'd also add more Alteryx functionality to the graph and data analysis. Additionally we would like to utilize R in conjunction with Alteryx to understand the data trends thoroughly and find possible corollary data.

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posted an update

  1. I mostly worked on migrating the project from hosting locally to the AWS Cloud (Setting up the databases, migration scripts and scaling it to the cloud).
  2. I had very little experience working in Laravel 5.5 and NodeJS, and it was a challenge getting both of the servers running alongside each other.
  3. Working server-side for the most part greatly helped me brush up my *nix-skills, and I'm super proud of what all of us accomplished over the weekend.

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