A simple machine learning based website which recommends best crop to grow, fertilizers to use Farming is one of the major sectors that influences a country’s economic growth.

In country like India, majority of the population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Many new technologies, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, are being implemented into agriculture so that it is easier for farmers to grow and maximize their yield.

In this project, We present a website in which the following applications are implemented; Crop recommendation and Fertilizer recommendation

What it does

In the crop recommendation application, the user can provide the soil data from their side and the application will predict which crop should the user grow. Also as a sample we have used an open weather API to automatically check the temperature, moisture and humidity.

For the fertilizer recommendation application, the user can input the soil data and the type of crop they are growing, and the application will predict what the soil lacks or has excess of and will recommend improvements.

How we built it

We built the Machine Learning model different algorithm and chose the best one among them to provide the best accuracy and results.

Challenges we ran into

While we were working on this project the limited availability of data sets was a big problem we faced . Also, we had to embed an API to automatically check the temperature, moisture and humidity which was tough.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Out of all the things that we built, we are really proud of the API that we created cause it really has a future. It can be used in a lot of applications!. And creating an end to end project from scratch

What we learned

We never created an end to end Machine learning model until deployment and never could add and API so we learned how to create everything all by my self.

What's next for Agric.AI

We are looking forward to adding support for the classification of a wide range of plant diseases. We are also looking forward to bring this service to our mobile phones. And, if we could collaborate with botanists then there are high chances that we can turn this project into a big thing...

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