We are now developing and implementing Decentralised finance in African national currencies as stable coins with on-ramp and off-ramp on Desktop and Mobile serving the banked, underbanked and unbanked.

What it does

African Decentralised Finance use-cases on Tron Blockchain. Yield farming African Stable coins of national currencies to incentivise Africans to adopt Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Multi-Chain AMM and Yield Farm With Innovative Features. Swap Functionality which allows for multi hops as well as single pool swap between tokens Pool You can add liquidity to any pool You can remove liquidity from any pool Liquidity Pool Owners can also create a liquidity pool, with their newly created token + any other token to create an exchange pair, to easily allow users to be able to buy their token Lock/Unlock Liquidity Owners can also lock their liquidity, to increase the trust around the community Once the lockup period has ended they can then unlock their liquidity

How we built it

I used tron blockchain, javascript, node.js, react.js, tronbox and CSS along with solidity to build the smart contract applications. The smart contracts are deployed on Tron testnet chain. I used CoinMarketCap API to get relevant details about the crypto market.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenges while conceptualising the platform was that it would be difficult to make the platform popular as people would need the corresponding tokens for the option they choose, restricting scalability and diversity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we have managed to create a seamless user interface on top of the complicated smart contracts to successfully implement our vision. We believe our platform can help propel the mass adoption of Tron tokens and hence of blockchain by encouraging investment in more tokens. We are thus proud of having positively impacted the DeFi and Web3.0 space in Africa.

What we learned

Making this project has been a truly amazing learning experience, from learning about the decentralised finance space and how options work to learning about decentralised oracles and swapping protocols. Moreover, we learnt how to successfully write multiple inter-dependent smart contracts in sync with each other. We also learnt to properly use the Tronbox, to deploy contracts and write tests, and hence create a robust DApp.

What's next for African DeFi

Upon the end of the Hackathon, we will be deploying GETO DeFi on mainnet Blockchain for general public use.

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