Are animals better at weather forecasting than human beings?

What it does

Study the impact of weather precipitation on animal migration - Kruger buffalo. We extracted data of landcover, migration of buffaloes and precipitation, then used QGIS to visualise them and tried to see the relationship of these information.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Extracting netcdf datasets from ECMWF server directly and finding the usage of netcdf files. Using GIS to visualise.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to use GIS

What I learned

QGIS How to extract data from ECMWF Having fun

What's next for African Animals Migration

Develop more details and consider more attributes that may influence the migration of animals. Analyse the weather and landcover to predict the optimal route of migration and help animals move to prevent from extinction. Use the research on different areas, e.g. tourism, animal protection.

Built With

  • gis
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