Developed a Full Stack application which would calculate the rating and list kings based on their rankings.

  • Implemented Backend using nodejs and mysql
  • Front end with HTML, CSS, JS

Problem statement: "Westeros at war!"

Different houses of Westeros are fighting for the crown. Database contains all the battles which were fought between them.

I have calculated the kings rating using 'Elo rating system' based on win or loss and list all the attacker-defender kings and allies based on their rating.


  • Implemented a backend with Nodejs with Express.
  • I have put the provided MySql Dump in the database.
  • I am accessing this database from the backend.
  • I have fetched all the data from the database ,and implemented the mentioned algorithm on that data.
  • I have rendered output of the algorithm over the network in response to a REST call in JSON format.


  • Implemented front end using HTML, BOOTSTRAP, JS.
  • On every page load I have made a REST call to the above mentioned backend and fetched all the kings details.
  • I have listed the kings based upon their rating
  • When clicked on the king's name I have showed all the details of the king in the same page.

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