One of the problems that we recognized in modern society is the over diagnosis of ADHD, as well as the lack of accessibility to testing resources for individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, so there was an idea for us to try and create a platform implemented in React Native and operated through Expo to

What it does

Although we didn't get to finish it, it was supposed to be an interactive platform that involved question response therapy in order to try and get a scientifically proven/verifiable way of better diagnosing ADHD, and allowing for greater access to those who may be more hesitant than others to visit a medical professional for a professional diagnosis.

How I built it

We used the React Native language to code up an interface that allowed us to go through the various questions of the quiz and also respond with answer choices that were going to be interactive. To test, we hosted on Expo in order to get live feedback on our code to see if it worked.

Challenges I ran into

Other than not being able to finish because of all of inexperience with frontend/JavaScript, it was also hard coming up with an idea in the first place and then deciding what sort of API's we wanted to use to implement our idea. I also really wanted to try and implement more style elements, but I also lack experience in CSS and didn't know how I could utilize React Native Elements, so I thought that was another big challenge I faced.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to finally get a working prototype (albeit, a rough one) that persevered through countless error messages. For two hours, I couldn't even get anything to register on the mobile hosting app, and then it was after debugging for quite a while that I was able to get our interactive elements working.

What I learned

What React Native was in the first place and how it works in the ecosystem of JavaScript, as well as looking through

What's next for ADHD Screen

Hopefully being able to finish it and fully implementing it would be nice, but maybe even making it more dynamic and interactive would be nice.

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