I was doing market research on a competitor for one of my businesses. I had to go through 10 different sites to find out what ads they were running. I thought there's got to be a better way. So I built it.

What it does

Ad Archive is the go-to resource for marketers, copywriters & savvy business minds who want profitable inspiration for their next big promotion or marketing campaign. See top performing ads from the last 100 years, breakdown strategies behind great marketing examples and find the secret sauce that’s making people buy.

The Ad Archive was developed based on three things:

  1. See thousands of Advertising examples across all mediums. Social Media, Websites, Advertorials, Direct mail and much more from your favourite brands, marketers and competitors
  2. Use Ad Archive as your swipe file for inspiration on your next brainstorm or to keep on top of what ads your industry is running
  3. Agencies can create and manage a portfolio of their work and promote it to the world

How I built it

We collect data from many sources as well as work directly with agencies & markets to submit their ads. We then index & categorize each ad making it easy for you to just scroll for inspiration or find ads from specific brands, industries, channels or dates to build a swipe file or do some competition research.

Challenges I ran into

Initial challenge was collecting the volume of ads needed to make the site useful. Now we're getting thousands of submissions every week.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a small part in helping businesses grow

What I learned

Marketing > product. The number one thing that kills startups is that no one cares about what you built. As a developer we want to focus on product. I've spent months building a product only to launch it and crickets. Where do you get initial users? How do I find these users? Did I just waste six months building something that no one is going to use. So instead I reversed it, I first talk to potential customers/users. Research the techniques that other startups in the same space are using to grow. Basically I start with the customer and work backwards to the product. The Ad Archive can play one small part in that research and help you see what ads in what channels your competitors are running.

What's next for Ad Archive

Ad Archive is growing and we're onboarding more brands, agencies and marketers everyday. Our aim is to be the largest archive of ads on the internet. So you can go to one place and find inspiration for any type of ad you want.

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