ACH Payments Solutions Cash Deposits for Access Corrections - send money to inmate deposit accounts!

We provide in person secure cash payment solutions that allow consumers, family members, support groups, charities, as well as friends, the ability to send money to loved ones that happen to be residents at a prison. The residents are able to use the money sent to them for commissary purchases, MP3's, outgoing phone calls, and many other everyday life purchases that may be allowed at a prison.

Our solution make this much simpler and faster (deposits in 48 hours) than sending money orders (two weeks or more) or filling out forms every time the they want to send money. The consumer registers with us ONCE and can reuse their assigned ID's and bar-code payment slips over and over. This saves them the headache and time wasted driving around for money orders, delays in the mail, deposit processing, checks clearing, and waiting in line to fill out forms.

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