What is our Inspiration

Having elderly people at home and small children can definitely be a hassle and with CCTV that are constantly static yet expensive. It is not easy for working adults to monitor their loved ones at home when at work - especially if their loved ones is unwell or needs timely attention. Having family and friends that are facing this issue - we were inspired to build Hi-Pi - OUR FIRST HARDWARE PROJECT.

What does Hi-Pi do?

Here comes Hi-Pi: Your Home Lifeguard - Hi-Pi is a dynamic robot that helps to monitor your loves ones at home using a real-time monitoring web-cam where working adults can just access their laptop or smartphone to move the robot in all directions to monitor their home and loved ones back at home while they are at work. It can also listen to voice commands.

How was Hi-Pi built with

Hi-Pi was built using Raspberry Pi and NodeJs with MongoDB database used to store all reminders and information by the robot.

Challenges we ran into while building Hi-Pi

Having only software experience and knowledge, we are beginners to hardware - it was intensely difficult to perform simple tasks like soldering and fix the hardware parts all together. There were constant issues arising - either the wires were not connecting properly or the screws were coming out to the extent that in the last minute one of our robot motor just broke. It was a real challenge for us since it was out first time doing a hardware project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of while building Hi-Pi

We SUCCESSFULLY build Hi-Pi - OUR FIRST HARDWARE PROJECT - with constant real-time monitoring on the WEB interface which will can move around your house to monitor your loved ones at home without any tension being at work. Now with Hi-Pi, we can be more relaxed at work and we can monitor our loved ones.

1) Use the web interface to control movement of robot, camera moves in real-time 2) Instructions can be passed to those at home via the speakers 3) Reminders can be set up using the voice recognition 4) Plays music - MP3 files - using the speaker

We made Hi-Pi with a cost of only about $100 which is definitely much more affordable than the normal CCTV home camera which is static.

What I learned

With total determination, it is possible to do anything that. We learnt a lot in hardware since we were never exposed to hardware. It was one perfect experience for us to learn and have a gasp of hardware

What's next for 81 - Hi-Pi: Your Home Lifeguard

We are planning to integrate a real-time SMS or Whatsapp based feature which would be sent by Hi-Pi to working adults to tell them how their loved one is doing at home. This would ensure that they can monitor their home

We are also planning to implement more features to Hi-Pi such as object recognition and facial recognition.

Hi-Pi should also be completely mobile and versatile to move around the house as well in future since most working adults have access to their smart phones almost 24/7.

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