7 Weeks to a Triathlon focuses on achieving triathlon excellence from the ground up with a wealth of information for beginner and experienced triathletes alike. The programs tackle the daunting task of preparing a hopeful triathlete into a triathlon finisher in just seven short weeks while they also aim to help the more experienced triathlon veteran reach new levels in the sport that they previously thought impossible.

7 Weeks to a Triathlon guides you through your workouts each day, giving you precise instructions on what you need to do that day. As you move week to week, the app will keep track of your history so you can In addition to the tips & FAQs provided in the book that you can easily access in the app, you have the opportunity to get exclusive bonus material that we just didn't have room for in the book!

Have a significant other who wants to train, but doesn't have their own device? No problem! We have a multi-user mode so that more than one person can be progressing along in the program. There are 3 different programs you can choose from - a beginner program, an advanced program, and a cross-training program intended for the off-season.

Coming soon for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Utilizes StoreKit module for In-App-Purchases, and TestFlight module for testing & distribution.

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