The menstrual cycle is a natural biological process. Despite this, individuals who menstruate are often met with embarrassment, due to persistent stigma and shame surrounding periods. Period experiencers around the world have an inadequate or complete lack of access to affordable and readily available period products. Most of them know far less about what is going on in their own bodies than they would like to. But menstruation is not just important for those who experience it: it is equally essential that those who don't (such as those identifying as male) are aware of what menstruation is and how to find the right products. Increasing awareness and education invites open conversation and a gradual reduction in the shame surrounding it. That's why we created Gaia. Gaia is an app to eliminate period stigmas by improving menstrual awareness and accessibility for both period experiencers and sympathizers. By allowing users to learn about female anatomy & menstrual health, explore alternative remedies like Ayurvedic solutions, and find available period products in a close distance range, users can embrace menstruation and welcome it into their lives in an engaging and entertaining manner,

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