We are a team of crypto enthusiasts and sometimes we send donations to influencers that create high-quality content. Most of them just give their crypto addresses to the audience. We asked them why they don’t use some service that allows them to create a link and accept donation via it, the same way it works with fiat money.

It turned out there was no convenient service that can solve these two main problems:

  1. Financial breakdown of donations. It’s hard to know: how much donations content creator get for a specific period of time, who and how often supports him, who top supporters are.
  2. Inability to interact with crypto audience. When receiving a donation to crypto wallet you don’t know who your supporter is and you can’t let your supporter be noticed.

That day we decided to create a product that can solve these problems!

What it does

Crypto Donutz is the WEB 3.0 donation platform that gives content creator ability to analyze their donation transactions and interact with his crypto supporters.

Platform solves two problems mentioned above via:

  • Visual donations reports. Creator can see how much donations he has received for a specific period of time by just selecting appropriate one in calendar tab, number of times someone supported him, who his supporters are. We also added the graph will help you to comprehend this information visually.

  • Functionality to highlight your top supporters. It’s implemented via special and unique badges. Content creator can create a badge and assign it to his supporters. His audience will like being noticed! You can learn more about badges in the instruction section below

We also added a feature of sharing NFT collections:

  • Content creator can share all of the collections from different marketplaces that he has created in one place. Using this feature content creator can promote his own NFT collections. All of the collections will be visible on Profile page in NFT section

How we built it

Our team consists of three people: full-stack developer, designer and product manager. We have been in crypto for a while now. However, we didn’t have experience in Web 3.0 product development. To be honest, it was always a challenge for us to launch a blockchain project that finally was accepted and it led to foundation of Crypto Donutz.

Having started in July, we created product concept, built the website, developed smart contract and connected the whole thing to blockchain. Finally, we got an MVP version that reveals main project idea. Right now the main functionality is presented on the website, but there is much more to be done.

Project is build using this stack:

  • React JS
  • Express JS
  • Node JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Solidity

What's next for Crypto Donutz - Let’s change the way crypto donations work

Our next stage is to improve the project:

  • Get feedback from content creators on UI and UX
  • Publish new features (ex. donation alerts)
  • Tron Mainnet Launch

Your can also see our Roadmap in attachments


What network to use?

Make sure to use Tron Nile Testnet only. Mainnet release will come soon.

What's your business model?

Our platform is free to use, we only charge 1% of your Donutz. We hope you don’t mind!

What's your contract address?

We’ve deployed smart contract on Nile Testnet TX6dd8YNKRCKZazcBZUHZQjyckzxvPKYJU

Why top donations is public information?

It’s done in order to motivate other people to become your supporters, you can turn this off in the later product version

Who can become content creator or supporter?

We believe that crypto should be accessible for anybody, so anyone can become either supporter or content creator. We also won’t have any geopolitical limitations and unnecessary verification processes

Why it should be interesting to supporters?

They can become your top supporters and it will be publicly available for anyone to check. They can be noticed by favorite content creator they follow


How to register content creator account?

You can check it here

How to make donation from supporter account?

You can check it here

What is badge and what to do with it?

You can check it here

What is NFT section for?

You can check it here

Project PDF presentation

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