Earlier last week I was working on a 3D model for a friend when I ran into the problem of trying to add his business logo to the model. I had no idea of how to create a 3D object from a 2D image, and only after several hours was I able to create a rudimentary version of his logo in 3D. My struggles with that project inspired me to create this addon for Blender, a free and open source creation suite, to quicken that process.

What it does

The addon is able to convert 2D images into 3D models, essentially extruding, or pulling, the face of the image while ignoring solid backgrounds. Users are able to adjust the size, thickness, and resolution of the model, as well as invert the image used. A handy export to STL feature in the addon makes it easy to prepare the resulting object for 3D printing.

Who would use it

This addon is well suited to hobbyists, the self employed, and small business owners who cannot afford to hire a professional to create their logo in 3D, or do not have the time or the knowledge to make it themselves. Since Blender is a free and lightweight program,

How I built it

The addon was built completely within Blender using the Blender Python API.

Challenges I ran into

Blender contains a notoriously difficult learning curve, and although I have been modeling with Blender for several years, I had no experience prior to this hackathon creating scripts with it. Learning the many quirks of the Python API and its corresponding libraries in Blender from the ground up was a challenging experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working in python while having never worked with python. Scripting in Blender without ever having scripted in Blender. Finishing the Hack.

What I learned

How to create a custom UI, manipulate objects with python, script in Blender, use Python in general.

What's next for 3D Logo Tools

Potentially releasing to the greater blender community to allow others to use this tool.

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