This was back in 1987, 64K Memory Segmentation plagued DOS developers.
Having a fully functional with TCP/IP networking was the holy grail.

How it works

Full Unix for the BSD, This is the basis for what is now Apple Mac OSX , FreeBSD, NetBSD, PCBSD, just about every major OS today.

Challenges I ran into

I posted the first version to the Internet in 1992 when the AT&T copy right over any form of UNIX was still questionable. It sturred up quite a bit of trouble. Bill Jolitz was the primary author and after first meeting him in 1989 I devoted my efforts in to assisting his efforts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Distributing 100,000 copying over the Internet in the first 3 Day, to ensure this information was to never be removed. It was the first real working example of Unix source code made available publically.

Built With

  • assembly
  • c
  • unix
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