We created this app for older adults, the fastest growing demographic in Canada. With the increasing rates of diabetes prevalence among the 50+ population, we thought creating an app that motivates users and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle changes would be beneficial. Many of the current diabetes self-management apps are not user-friendly for older adults. However, this app is different from other apps because it encourages older adults to take a self-directed approach to managing diabetes. The app is meant to educate and improve the health illiteracy among older adults. With 88% of older adults being health illiterate, we believe that this app will help adults living in rural and urban settings connect with each other to share tips and tricks through our forum.

What it does

365 Diabetes is an app designed to provide individualized health care and reminders to older adults (50 years and up) with Type 2 Diabetes. The goal is to enhance behavioural changes (such as integral diabetes management techniques like dieting and exercise). Through this app, patients can set goals and monitor their progress with a certified diabetes educator. While also creating a sense of community and belonging for the patients through the forum function. *Note: This is an unfinished version.

What's next for 365 Diabetes

Connecting individual pieces of the app. Individualized weekly follow-ups, online advice, counseling, encouragement with certified diabetes educators (CDEs) Patient portal (see their goals) Direct monitoring of patient’s health status by a certified diabetes educator, and nurse practitioner Online forum for patient discussions Topic-based Online discussions to talk about hot issues (mental health and older adults) Speech-text recognition (for OA who can’t text on the app) Friendly to multiple languages Hotline - Q and A - run by CDE, and Nurse practitioners

Built With

  • api
  • canva
  • cost-effective-and-innovative-intervention-to-tackle-health-illiteracy-and-self-management-skills-among-adults-with-diabetes.
  • csv
  • data-analytics
  • datetime
  • design
  • graphics
  • math
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • os
  • pandas
  • photoshop
  • pygame
  • python
  • tkinter
  • userinterface
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