The only thing that annoys us more than chatting with bots that only understand fixed commands, are friends who are constantly late for meetups. So why not have a bot that you could interact with in natural speech (without the restriction of strict commands) as well as punishing latecomers, and earning money while waiting for them to arrive! ;)

What it does

After setting up and adding MeetCoin to your group chat, it sits and listens out for when your group plans a meetup, and saves the session and relevant details (time, date, location, attendees). If any of your friends are late to the meetup, MeetCoin dispenses the punishment and charges the perpetrator an amount of bitcoin as a fine! If that isn't enough, MeetCoin also encodes a message shaming you on the bitcoin blockchain, where your tardiness and lack-of-ability-to-be-a-good-friend is immortalized on the blockchain for all of eternity!

How we built it

It is built from scratch in python and interfaces with several APIs (LUIS, google geocoding).

Challenges we ran into

  • Making LUIS smart (He's like a baby that needs to be trained to understand human language interaction)
  • Managing bitcoin transactions programatically
  • Figuring out the best way to encode messages in the blockchain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Programming a telegram bot in python (It's new for Hazmei)
  • Shaming friends on blockchain
  • Not a single drop of coffee

What we learned

  • Interfacing telegram bot with a natural language processing model (Who likes to remember commands anyway?)
  • The technical details of how the bitcoin blockchain works

What's next for 30 - MeetCoin

  • Making Luis interpret better (duh!)

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