One day, I was sitting in the chair, unable to use any other tool than my brain, and recently arrived to the state, looking at my grade report and at the same time, having an awkward expression in my face as I didn't understand any number in the paper. So, I came out with the idea of facilitating the GPA and grade conversion to anyone in the same, or similar situation. Independently of the state or country the person is from.

What it does

The app can accurately calculate, or measure, the GPA of an individual using grades in a grade report and also convert any other number to the 4.0 GPA form. Also, as a bonus option, the app contains several options that can be changed as the amount of classes, the maximum grade, and the theme.

How I built it

Everything related to the app was created from the roots using MIT App Inventor. I had to figure out, without any practical experience in GPA calculation and the software itself, how to solve the issue I myself had and wanted to solve. Connecting the blocks, I created or used several mathematical equations to literally transform any number to a usable number or GPA.

Challenges I ran into

The principal challenges I faced where the nonexistent knowledge I had as a developer, from both the app and video, and the fact that I worked throughout this project by myself, alone. The process to create the app wasn't simple either, I had to come out, out of nowhere, with the formulas required to get the GPA done. And I got into a point where I couldn't even use my computer to create more features, as the app was taking too many resources out of it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to successfully create an app, and not a simple one, and a video from the root, with zero experience, just a few tutorials and an enthusiastic idea of my own.

What I learned

I learned how to use MIT App Inventor to create an app that could be submitted and further used, and updated in the future. Also, I learned, painfully, how to use programs as Photoshop and Premiere to create the video, trying to break the least copyright infringements and rules as possible. But I wanted to create the app by my own. I learned how to manage time, and everything, alone.

What's next for 2017-2018 H. Grady Spruce Lenovo App Submission

For the future, I could update the app and give it more functionality. Expanding the concept even more and getting the app to the biggest public possible, to students all around the world.

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