As passionate musicians, we often find ourself playing the air guitar to tunes of songs, banging on invisible drums and ripping amazing piano solos on a nonexistent piano. We decided to make virtual versions of all the above instruments that would be easily portable (they weigh almost nothing) and easy for even non-musicians to use.

What it does

The sensors track your hand movements, the same as it would be for an actual instrument, and then translates those motions into the appropriate chords and notes, enabling you to play air guitar, yet with very real sounds.

How we built it

We used two different types of boards, the leap motion for drums and an arduino for the guitar and the keyboard. We used johnny five framework to program in javascript, connecting the arduinos with the computer sound systems. Leap motion provides us a web socket out of which

Challenges we ran into

We often found the equipment set-up rather cumbersome as it was the first time we attempted to make such instruments; the team member who specialised in electronics fell ill and was unable to attend. We also had to record, re-record, edit and re-edit the sounds from an electric guitar and keyboard to fit the parameters of the sensors. At the end of all of it, we realised that none of the sensors functioned on Windows systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually succeeded in producing a working virtual band.

What we learned

Windows isn't as open-sourced as we once believed.

What's next for 15 - Virtual Rockstarzz

Refine the prototype if possible and attempt to make all components wireless to improve portability.

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