There is beauty in chaos. This might best describe our design story with Kemira’s Saana team. We encountered obstacles, and difficulties, when faced with the challenge, but managed to eventually overcome them. We experienced doubt during the weekend, but rose above the confinements of mortal reasoning. Our design process might have not been the most linear, well polished, masterpiece of the other teams, but it was honest, rudimentary and sufficient for the job, just as our solution.

What it does

The project raises awareness to global warming, while having an impact on the opinions and the behavior of the public. It educates and inspires through entertainment, which has the possibility to reach the everyday lives of everyday people. It is beautiful, awesome and imperfect; it is a TV-show. This TV-show is a part of a bigger marketing campaign, which has two main objectives, make Kemira’s clients choose environmentally more sustainable options. It would also aim to humanize Kemira as an ambassador of eco-friendly living, circumventing the effects of global warming. With the TV-show, we want to create customer demand for Kemira´s clients by changing the population´s behavior when there is a choice between a sustainable and a cheaper option. To increase interactivity, an ‘eco-calculator’ could also be implemented with the show. This would provide the viewer the possibility to interact with the show, raising their involment, and it would also provide usable data for Kemira as well, through customer habits. There is thus a bigger market value for the proposition compared to just positive PR, as Kemira could leverage that data later.
Thus Kemira would make a positive impact on the world, starting today.

How we built it

We started by getting to know the team and discovering each other’s strengths and weaknesses. After the introduction period, we decided to shift our focus on Kemira’s representatives, in order to form an understanding of what the company wants to accomplish during the week-end. The input we got was valuable for us in the next step, and it became clear to us that we wanted to design something unique and innovative. We started with brainstorming ideas and by interviewing our company. This helped the team to build the framework for the project in order to realize the need for Kemira, with continued discussion with the company throughout the event. The design tools we used were Lotus Blossom, Impact & Effort and the Affinity diagram, but the way we used them was something truly brilliant. We were using the design tools interchangeably with each other, continuously jumping from one tool to the other and mixing ideas from every angle. The result was lots and lots of Post-it notes on the wall, floors and our mentors. This was a good point to start formulating a solution to the problem. We constantly criticized our ideas and ourselves and tried to see the problem also from Kemira’s perspective. We realized, that in order to do something impactful and try to change the behavior of the population, we had to make the problem aware to people, we had to make it ‘hip’ and ‘cool’. In the end, this is the idea, which we carried with us right until the end; we wanted to make the ecofriendly lifestyle desirable and trendy. How to make making better choices cool. We realized that the solution had to be social, beneficial, impactful and convenient, as there is no social pressure to choose environmentally friendly products just because it is ‘right’. Putting all this together, we wanted something, which would tick all these points. Implemented correctly a reality-TV show would provide awareness to people, while seeing the impact of global warming in their day-to-day lives.

Challenges we ran into

Our design process was difficult in the beginning, as the problem was wide and it was hard to focus our attention to the right aspect. We also did not have the technical knowledge of chemistry, which we did not need in the end. We were constantly jumping from one idea to the next, the diamond model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our idea is innovative, unique and brings a new perspective to solving the 1.5 degree challenge, than what Kemira had previously thought about. This was a main theme for as, as we wanted to constantly be creating something extravagant [The cheese and Ham]. We took pride in our team and our ability to work tightly together and the way we stood out for Kemira.

What we learned

We learned to be persistent and vital group working skills. We learned to defend and revise our own ideas, to constantly improve upon them. We learned to work as a team.

What's next for 1.5 degree challenge - Kemira - Team Saana

Improving the quality of life of all humans on the planet, and making Kemira a forerunner in this area.

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