There is this online tools that help you unfriend your poor friends on Facebook. Although we are not so brutal, we thought there is some merit in the idea. There are people who are good influence on us, and those we should cut off from our lives. #NoLookingBack

What it does

It looks at the latest [public] photos and captions on someone's Instagram, and does a bunch of analysis to draw certain conclusions about this person: how positive he is, how is his dominant sentiment, is he a food maniac, does he love travelling, etc.

How I built it

Use an existing scraping tool to extract photos and captions from an Instagram user, given user name. Run Google's Cloud Vision API on the image, and Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis API on the caption, to get details like sentiment, objects, locations, etc. We then do a meta-analysis on all the posts to draw insights about the person.

Challenges I ran into

Data parsing with JSON

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully use machine learning and data analytics to a real world application

What I learned

What's next for 092 - Instagram Intelligence

Launch, improve on analysis (maybe with the help of a psychology-major friend) to draw more (and better) insights. Adding features to it. And profit!

Built With

  • flask
  • google-cloud-vision-api
  • google-natural-language-api
  • python
  • vue
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