Get all the recipes for the ingredients you have in your home

No extra hardware needed. Use your mobile -> Capture your fridge -> Start Cooking

Android Application which provides the cooking recipes all over the world with just the snap of your fridge or the voice input. It will read out the steps for cooking, nutrition value, rating, difficulty level and the time to cook of the available recipes.

Integrating with smart watch to monitor heart rate of person and provide them food suggestions


  • Google Vision Cloud Service
  • Google Voice API
  • Google Voice to Speech API
  • Recipe Search API - Spoonacular API

What is new:

  • Integration with smart watch for storing heart rate over a period of time and filter out recipes(High Calorie recipes will be filtered out depending on heart rate)
  • Read out the ingredient list and steps to make
  • No manual input
  • Intelligent voice assistant
  • Suggestions of recipes by Calories, heart rate, time to cook, rating, difficulty
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