To help people enjoy their next sea voyage without the fear of getting seasick.

What it does

The stand alone smart mobile phone app uses the phones builtin gyroscopes to measure the movement of a ship, and then uses algorithms to create a moving image, with possibly sound, in order to counteract the feeling of sea sickness of the user.

How I built it

I used PowerPoint to create a mock setup of the idea for the app. Future work into developing an actual working algorithm and app are still required to create a fully functional application.

Challenges I ran into

I found that not being in a team of more people (solo), especially those that can write code for mobile phones, was one of my major challenges and drawbacks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being here and giving UHack 2018 a go. Getting myself to jump into an idea, work at it solidly for a weekend, and create something I think has real potential.

What I learned

Team work and working with enthusiastic multi-skilled groups of people is essential in developing some really great work.

What's next for SeaEze

Getting together with some enthusiastic coders/investors that are keen on helping to make SeaEze a reality. And then expanding it into other areas as well (AirEze and CarEze).

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