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Shelby: I currently work in the legal field, but have seen the wonders that coders can create to ease everyday life. I support local businesses understanding that it is my neighbor's family who I am supporting by doing so.

Leland: Lead developer - "Counting them stacks!"

Our Story**

We chose the Farmers’ Market challenge because, as people who have grown up in Hawai‘i, we understand the importance of supporting our local communities and businesses. Our lead developer, Leland, grew up on the Big Island and is familiar with some of the local farmers. We understand that supporting local business means supporting your neighbors. We want to help Hawai‘i be more self-sustaining and help grow our local economy from within.

Today, there isn’t any shortage of people who want to support local businesses and buy locally grown produce. However, the problem is that there is not an easy way to find out where to buy locally grown produce. While the Department of Agriculture has a listing of over 200 farmers’ markets Statewide, it is not up to date, nor is it easy to sort through the information that you want. Search engines like Yelp are useful, but our challenge sponsor also wanted more unique search criteria that patrons could use to find farmers’ markets along with other features that would help farmers’ markets organizers and vendors advertise.

Our challenge sponsor, Helene, let us know that the sky was the limit in developing our application. She also encouraged us to contact organizers and vendors for ideas. We did just that! The feedback we received was very helpful. We learned how vendors request to be a part of farmers markets and how organizers advertise special events for their markets. As patrons ourselves, we thought of other ideas that would benefit patrons, vendors, & organizers.

The application we built is similar to yelp, but includes more features to help with communication between organizers, vendors, & patrons. Other features also include methods to help with advertising and visibility such as social media integration, the use of vendor maps, and online transactions.

Hawai‘i is our home and we want to help it in any way that we can.

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