Every time I go shopping with my girlfriend at Sephora, I have to wait for a really long time in order for her to make a decision. I want to save my time. I find out the key reason is that she often has no sales assistants to turn to.I feel like it is really a time-consuming shopping experience, and I hope there is “someone” to tell my girlfriend where she can find the products that might fit what she needs. Therefore, I come up with this idea - a robot sales assistant that can guide the user to explore the beauty products that he/she needs.

What it does

The robot sales assistant can talk to the customers, ask what they need and give recommendations. It can also give physical guidance or directly grab the product for the customer. As the conversation evolves, it can change its recommendations and provide customers with more suggestions.

How I built it

I use alexa+ AWS lambda + google firebase + opensource robots ( a robot arm)

What's next for Robot Sale Assistant

We are going to put the robot assistant in lots of stores. Making it mobile, giving it image recognition and indoor localization capabilities.

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