Inspiration :

-Travel sites feel more like a Wikipedia about the location & regular videos aren't engaging enough.

  • PC touch screen laptops/tablets/mobile allow people more ability to scroll, tap & interact with their media

  • Seeing niche technology used at a level that is rare and being able to access it because of our global experts network in the technology community. This is why showcasing is important because those who see the early benefits can become experts with close mentorship

What it does:

  • incorporates MR (mixed reality), VR (virtual reality), & 360 videos that are more engaging than regular videos.
  • Apis are put into the site and used photogrammetry.
  • AI-assisted Chatbot is incorporated.

How we built it:

Html, css, javascript, FB Developer Tools. Wordpress and then pivoted to a fast WIX. Trip Advisor links. Focused more on creating specific immersive content. Sketchfab (partial). Ben used photogrammetry to make a 360 scan of actual real life objects to be showcased in VR and AR environments.

Challenges we ran into: Utilizing Microsoft Azure. View Pr API access. Front end design through wordpress and bootstrap. Timing of filming. AR experience.

Front end (nicole)- choosing the wrong template and needing to override the css and not doing so fully because to do so is not worth it versus choosing another better template.. Not planning the domain in time and dealing with the configuration period the website locks you into, disallowing plugins on non customized domains. Using a platform that stubborn-ness lead to not pivoting early enough.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Conception and collaboration.

What we learned: That we came up with an idea with technology that we were familiar with because of mutual friends and we should be more realistic. Engage mentors more. Over enthusiasm is good for morale but also only goes so far.

Nicole: study the website creator software thouroughly. have a hackathon domain that can be reused and don't worry about brand name so plugins can be used.

What's next for Puerto Rico Journey: Mire que TV from Ben is able to provide content. We have the connections to make immerserve content regarding AR/VR/360 video. Targeting digital nomads who can stay in areas for at least 1 month in diff locations around the world.

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posted an update

Ben Le: this is the first MVP. in the future, we will scale in order to match all geographic locations outside of Puerto Rico. In Partnership with Mira Network and other streaming platforms, we will have the opportunity to incentivize all participants (content creators, viewers, and non-profits) in Puerto Rico and world-wide.

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