Prescriptions can be a hard thing to keep track of, especially if you just got a new prescription that you have never used before or when you're getting older. While technology have evolved, nowadays voice controlled devices using Artificial Intelligence has reached a level where it can be useful in everyday life. While elderly people, visionally impaired or people having a hard time using smartphones or a computer, might not want to use the technology as aid, we have a creative solution which makes it as easy as talking to a human!

What it does

Our solution solves this problem using artificial intelligence to make it really easy to remind you without any previous experience or having to learn new things. You can ask for what prescription to take, tell that you've taken it or add a new prescription. You might imagine that a mistake when entering a prescription might lead to serious problems, but we cover this problem by verifying the name in the government database. We are also using statistics to check for anomalies, so that the amount can be double checked by the doctor. This means that bad handwriting or poor vision won't kill a person.

How we built it

We built it using the API.AI and AWS back-end with Lambda services and managed MySQL database.

Challenges we ran into

NDC codes are inconsistent. (10-digit and 11-digit)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we got a working prototype

What we learned

A lot!

What's next for Prescription Assistance

To add a feature to send an SMS to relatives if the person hasn't been taking the prescriptions.

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