We always wanted to take our knowledge in terms of Echoes further and we thought this was the perfect opportunity. Basically, we built the ultimate chatbot that everyone would love to have but are too lazy to program for themselves. The small number of currently available skills makes it perfect for playing and developing much more powerful applications.

What it does

At the moment, the tasks given to her are quite basic: "tell me that, that and that" but, eventually, we will take her to another level by improving her skills using the deep neural network.

How we built it

This was the real challenge since we had no hardware from the lab and we could not test it until we developed an implementation of the actual Echo.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, as the principal developer in JS, I (Andrei) was really shocked to find out that AWS and TTY are incompatible due to synchronicity and that was actually the biggest challenge we found: pivoting the whole body of our program at 5am. Other challenges were relatively small and barely noticeable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In my case (Andrei) it was the first time I combined ML with JS and the result was quite surprising.

What we learned

Node and AWS don't work good...

What's next for NotARealAlexa

More skills

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