Have you ever woke up and no idea what to wear. Which shirt would work well with each pair of pants you own? Of if you even had available shirts to that were clean? You thought about what was in style? Or if your outfit is prepared to take on the day and weather? myLook will help aid the normal person prepare outfits that fit their life

What it does

You start out by creating a personal profile and then start storing pictures and data of your clothes from your closet -have a personal figure of yourself to use for the app and using it decide your whole outfit without trying clothes on -select different backgrounds to set the mood and types of recommendations when trying on your clothes virtually -mix and match and receive feedback with friends -get feedback from friends after saving and sharing an outfit -having access to weather, be able to create appropriate outfits when on travel and changing seasons

How we built it

We worked on design and development and through that had different roles on our team

Challenges we ran into

We were knot able to find a solution to our emulator problem, which made it difficult to test out our app.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Having an original creative idea that all people can use. Working with people we have never meet before and also software. 4 out of 5 of us, this was our first hack-a-thon.

What we learned

We learned how to manage our time well, but also at the same time be flexible.

What's next for my Look

-Getting feedback from a built in AI, possibly being Cortana -Having a 3-D model of yourself, instead of a picture -Auto adding a new piece of clothing you buy from popular companies and online -Fully implementation of social media sharing

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