We want to free users from vendor lock in, allows switching vendors on the fly depending on the use case, performance demands & verifiable proof of vendor service level.

What it does

a marketplace to aggregate micro consumable APIs across multiple cloud vendors like MSFT, IBM, Amazon and multiple service providers like db as a service and storage as a service.

How we built it

This App is Built on Azure Blockapp blockchain instance using Blockapp development stack using Javascript & Jquery.

Challenges we ran into

Development stack in infancy, several hacks required to get the full stack up and running with the blockchain and smart contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Persistence! Took idea to proof of concept, got a demo up and running in less than 15 hours.

What we learned

Blockchains are fun and useful at the same time, but coming up with a compelling/ killer app is tough

What's next for MicroSaas

Take proof of concept to the next stage, connect the project to web services, build a marketplace.

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