Inspiration : Recently I visited my Uncles house which was newly build , I couldn't find any remarkable change in it compared to the house build by my grandparents long back . Even though the technology has improved a lot why can't we use that technology into our house and give it a new look .

What it does : My system is a personal Assistant . If Someone installs this system then this is what doing to happen .

                                        You wake up in the morning hearing a nice melody song , which is preset , with a hot cup of coffee made for you right near your bed and your shades raised for a pleasant day . You wake up and gets ready for your day , your mirror tells you the important notices , which was set as reminders and the dress colour you need to wear according to that days temperature along with a nice quote of the day . You leave your house for your day and the main door and the gates are locked just  with a tap on your phone 
                                         You come back in the evening tired after your day . the garden lights lit up automatically as soon as you entered your road on the way to your house as . you open your gate with a tap . you entered your room ,to a soothingly lighten up room which you have sent before , you don't like the light colour you can change it with an another tap on a specific button and change it according to your mood and to a room with a plesent temperature  which is adjusted by your personal assistant . You turn on your Tv with an another tap and you also graze through the channels with just gestures with your phone in your hand .  If you receive a phone call while watching Tv , don't worry about reducing the volume , your personal assistant mutes your Tv for you . at the end of the day you get to your bed and you turn off all your lights with a small tap on your phone .
                                         If you are in an earthquake prone area and your area is struck by an earthquake when your are asleep your personal assistant makes sure that you are informed about it and get you to safety . 

How I built it : I can build it with an arduino 101 . It is connected with as ESP8266 which connects to the internet and takes information . An App is used to communicate with the esp8266 over wifi . Arduino 101 is connected to the coffee maker over bluetooth eliminating the need of running wires to your bed room . It is also fitted with a temperature sensor which acts as a thermostat . Arduino 101 is also connected to a relay circuit with switches on your lights and to a circuits which controls the REB Leds along with an IR LED which communicates with your TV .

Challenges I ran into : Lazy to wake your in the morning which makes it difficult to reach on time due to over sleeping . forgetting Daily meeting , Important notes . the energy wasted just because i leave my garden lights ON for long unnecessarily . Boring when walking in to a house that makes no difference (by adjusting lights that problem is solved). Even after getting and waiting to get the room to normal temperature is a boring experience .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : None

What I learned : coding and to think in the prospective of a customer .

What's next for Jarvis the 2nd : to make it voice activated with raspberry pi , to make it more interactive .

I am also thinking of give it more functionality . i am limited by the memory such micro controllers have . So I will look into ways to add more and more functionality and make it a JARVIS in the coming future .

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