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IntraNacht is a purely text-based (abstaining from images or ASCII drawings) role playing game in the style of dungeons and dragons built as a Linux application with a random story arc and monetary and health systems. The game play revolves around often random enemies and situations appearing and the unnamed narrator giving the player several choices and the player types their selection. The interface will be a callback to DOS computing of old with white text on a black background as the only interface. The game is targeted at lovers of nerd culture and fans of retro computing. What we believe makes this an interesting and novel idea is the general lack of interesting, retro role playing games out there (especially for Linux) and the random story line inspires interest and gives the game replay value. The retro quality stemming from the mobile game Organ Trail and the occasionally dark arc is drawn from the desktop game Thomas was Alone. We used Ruby for the source code. The game will be funded with donations and/or crowd funding services like Kickstarter. This is in line with many indie games we've found although some use a pay-what-you-want model like those found on Contributors will be rewarded with some form of merchandise like a t-shirt. At the end of this 24 hour period, we’d like to greatly lengthen the current story and add different versions of the game with different settings such as space or history. Each of these will take from writing the story to publishing about 5-6 hours for each story. Also, a top priority is to make this an installable program in Linux instead of a raw ruby file.

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