I have two boys aged 6 and 7. Trying to get them to do their homework is a pain in the butt. They love playing on the Alexa Echo so I thought I would create a way of setting their homework up on there really quickly and easily. That way I thought they might actually do their homework!

What it does

It's an Alexa Skill designed for Alexa Echo and Echo Show that makes homework entertaining by allowing kids to not only play on the Alexa but also **submit their scores, create their own games and challenge their fellow pupils in class. Parents login to with their Facebook account and create their own games (ideally based around the stuff their kids are doing that week in school). Kids can then use the Echo to play the games set by their parents or friends or teachers. Of course, not everyone can be bothered to make their own games so the idea is the community creates a ton of games to play.

**To submit to the Kids area I had to remove the feature that allows kids to say their name and age so they can't see their scores on the website on this version.

How I built it

An Alexa Skill that talks to a Firebase database powers the games. A C# web application using Firebase and Facebook Graph API allows people to create the games. Lot's of hard work and tinkering and it all comes together.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was integrating all the different platforms seamlessly. Secondary to that is testing, testing, testing on the Echo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I will wait to see if it all works before I answer this one.

What's next for Homework Heroes

I would like to push the game out to web, iOS and Android so it can be played simultaneously on Echo and mobile.

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